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LUXAFLEX® NEWSTYLE® Basswood Shutters

LUXAFLEX® NEWSTYLE® Basswood Shutters

LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Basswood Shutters provide the timeless beauty and enduring craftsmanship of real timber, custom made for your home.

LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Basswood Shutters are a beautiful combination of functionality, durability & practicality. They are more than just a basic window covering; providing light & heat control, whilst adding style & value to your home. Each shutter is custom made to your window or door’s exact specification.

This product is covered by a 5 Year LUXAFLEX® product warranty.

  • LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Basswood Shutters are manufactured from premium quality kiln dried solid hardwood. Basswood is a pale beautifully grained timber that is light, strong and extremely stable. Louvres and profiles are carefully prepared and undergo an exacting process to ensure a fine, lustrous and durable finish.
  • Because there are no cords, and the paint & stain used to finish the shutters are non toxic, LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Basswood Shutters are a child safe window covering.
  • An elegant product with minimal maintenance required.

Colour Range
eaturing a modern colour range including 4 painted finishes and 22 stains to suit the interior colour schemes of most homes.

Louvre Options
LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE® Basswood Shutters are available in two louvre styles, Elliptical or Flat, and 3 sizes depending on the level of view through required. The Elliptical shaped louvre is available in 65mm, 91mm and 116mm, whilst the Flat louvre is available in a size of 91mm.

Control Options
Available with the traditional tilt rod (running up the centre of the panel) for a traditional look and the clearview tilt rod (running on the side, inside the panel) for unobstructed views.

Hinged Basswood Shutters
The standard hinged option is suitable for small to medium window widths, and can consist of one or more rectangular shutter panels hinged in a variety of configurations.

Bi-Fold Basswood Shutters
There are two bi-fold styles depending on the widths and heights of the window. The first option uses the same frame options as the standard hinged style, with one panel bi-folding off another. The second option is for widths and heights greater than those that can be achieved by the hinged bi-fold, therefore a track is required, which is referred to as bi-fold on track.

Basswood Sliding Shutters
The sliding system allows you to cover wide widths, and is a wonderful way to treat sliding doors to match the rest of your windows. Sliding applications require the use of a top track and either bottom guides or a bottom track. The panels open by sliding left to right on either one, two, or three tracks.

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