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LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings can be opened for a full, soft focus view, closed for privacy or tilted for light control. Combining the beautiful characteristics of curtains, shades and blinds in a stunning design like no other.

These elegant window furnishings allow the outside to be viewed without obstruction when open and yet when closed, provide complete privacy for the home. The sheer facings between the vanes filter in the light whilst enhancing the warmth and atmosphere of the interior.

Ideal for rooms with large windows, glare will be reduced without diminishing the sun’s natural colour and light.

SILHOUETTE® Shadings prevent UV rays from entering the home or office, effectively reducing the damages of the sun without completely darkening the room and are made using a unique 100% anti-static polyester fabric that resists dust and dirt, making them a low-maintenance presence in the home.

This product is covered by a 5 Year LUXAFLEX® product warranty.

  • SILHOUETTE® Shadings Fabric can block UV rays, protecting your interior furnishings from direct sunlight.
  • You can also coordinate the colour of your shading with LUMINETTE® Privacy sheers for an elegant, uniform look.
  • Provides the functionality of two blinds in one shading. Daytime privacy is achieved with two sheer facings which can be tilted to control the degree of light and heat entering into your home, as well as maintain your view. Nighttime privacy is assured when the vanes are fully closed.
  • The unique two sheer fabric facings provide high UV reduction with the vanes closed, depending on the type of fabric chosen. The front facing is a fine weave sheer, while the back facing is a more open weave, which provides the best view-through effect.
  • The back of SILHOUETTE® Shadings Fabrics are white, providing light reflection, which assists with reducing heat passing into the room. This also provides a neutral appearance from outside regardless of the shading colour inside the room.
  • No cords run through the fabric to detract from its simple elegance.
  • SILHOUETTE® Shadings naturally repel dust and dirt, making them durable and easy to clean. All that is required is a dust or light vacuum to keep your shades looking beautiful.

Operating Systems
Available in 4 different control options, from manual to motorised, there is sure to be a style to work best with your lifestyle.

Vane Options
Available in translucent or roomdarkening, in 50mm & 75mm vanes.

Sheer Options
Available in plain, patterned and sunscreen options.

Colour Options
SILHOUETTE® Shadings offer a large range of colours in both room darkening and translucent fabrics.



Add a touch or elegance to your windows, without detracting from your furnishings with LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings. LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings are striking in black. Easily let in the light, without compromising your privacy with Motorised LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings. Raise the blinds completely to fully enjoy the unfiltered view or close for privacy, with the motorised all in one SILHOUETTE® Shadings. LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings are perfect for every room. These large windows look stunning with the soft look of the LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings. You choose to let the outside in, whilst still maintaining privacy, with the LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings. Soften any room in the house, even a kitchen, with the LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings. A side by side look at the SILHOUETTE® Shadings when open and closed. When closed during the day the translucen vane allows soft light to filter into the room, providing light and privacy. Take nothing away from your view with the LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings. If you are wanting a beautiful, soft look in a room with windows and doors team the LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings with LUMINETTE® Privacy S