Breathing Fresh Life Into Your Home

As we bring in the New Year, you may be thinking about upgrading some of the more dated elements of your home – including your window treatments. Switching up how you bring light into a space is a great way to add freshness, and with these small but fundamental considerations you can completely modernise a room.

The Design That’s Right For You

Firstly, how can you optimise the windows in your home? Take some time to think about what the room needs to function, including light flow control. Bedroom windows, for example, will need the ability to block light for a tranquil sleep, so you might be interested in Luxaflex Duette Soft Shades. Perhaps you want to let the beautiful sunshine permeate freely through a living room or kitchen, with Luxaflex Pirouette or Silhouette Shades.  

You may also want to think about how you can use window treatments to manipulate the temperature of your home, enhancing your comfort level while saving money on power bills. It could be that privacy is your number one concern. Nailing down what your home priorities are will open up a huge variety of doors to new and fresh home solutions.

Let Your Style Shine

It’s time to experiment with your own unique design style! Making a bold statement or keeping it neutral? Wanting something floaty and feminine or clean cut and masculine? With today’s limitless range of materials, colours and textures it’s easier than ever to play with your home’s aesthetic and express your personality. Size and scale also come in to play when deciding on home furnishings, depending on the individual foundational aspects of your home. Window fashions are a fantastic way to make a room feel more spacious using streamlined systems such as Panel Glides. Alternatively, if you want to enhance the cosiness of a bedroom or nursery, a great solution is our variety of Modern Curtains.

Making Life Easier

The final piece of the puzzle helping you to modernise your space is maintenance and technology. An abundance of hypoallergic, easy to clean and user-friendly collections are at your fingertips, so why not innovate your home life? Motorization, smartphone integration and child safe, cordless solutions can totally upgrade your home to complement your lifestyle.

If you want to transform your home with a fresh outlook, get in touch with us today! Book a free in-home consultation here: https://shuttersnshades.com.au/contact/


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