How Your Choice of Window Coverings Can Help Improve Your Sleep

Lighting affects our lives at every step, but it might be something you forget day to day. Namely, lighting plays an essential role in our quality of sleep by regulating circadian rhythms and melatonin (the sleep hormone) production. There are apps, gadgets, and treatments galore for a lack of sleep, but changing your window treatments is a classic and easy way to achieve major results for your beauty sleep!

For sensitive sleepers, a fantastic option is a Luxaflex Duette LightLock Shade. The design is optimised to trap, absorb, block, and deflect all incoming light from seeping into the room, for a foolproof, totally darkened bedroom or nursery. Plus – the unique honeycomb structure of these shades creates a layer of energy saving insulation as it traps air in its distinct pockets, keeping the home warm in winter, cool in summer and comfortable all year round.

If you’re working nights and need total darkness through the day, another great investment is roller shutters. Allowing you 100% light customisation and the bonus benefit of thermal insulation and security, roller shutters will eliminate the light and noise from the outside world and give you total control over your sleep.

Lastly, an oldie but a goodie, blackout curtains are a classic way to improve your sleep while still allowing a flair for design. These curtains are available in a huge variety of patterns and styles and provide a simple way to transition between different light levels for your unique needs. Whether it’s irregular shifts, a movie night in the afternoon or baby’s naptime, blackout curtains are an inexpensive and energy efficient way to darken any room with ease.

As a rule, it’s best to sleep in total darkness for comfort, mood and quality of life. We’ve got so many options to give you the custom light control you need to nod off, so get in touch with us today!

Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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