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Outdoor Venetian Blinds

Outdoor motorised Venetian Blinds can be specified for external or internal use with the primary benefit of reducing solar heat gain whilst maximising the use of daylight, contributing to higher human comfort and productivity levels. They also look fantastic too.

The blinds are manufactured and engineered in Sydney using high quality aluminium slats and components. They are fully adjustable – raise, lower and tilt. Being external, they stop solar heat gain from the outside, reducing thermal gain by up to 93%. For added control and benefit they can be integrated into home automation systems or set up to run via an app or voice control on your phone.

Elegantly encapsulating the elements of design into a practical, functional form, External Venetian Blinds give architects, builders, designers and owners an option to not only add to the aesthetics of a building, but also to dramatically increase the building’s environmental sustainability.

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