ShadeNext Window Screens

With Australia’s harsh climate and harsher sun, we need an outdoor blind solution just for us. ShadeNext Window Screens provide just that.

Manufactured specifically for Australia, these blinds will reduce your energy bill and provide both shade and visibility while still being stylish and affordable. Not only this, there is a huge range of colours and external fabrics available for almost any window or door. Anyone can add style to their house or building while achieving full or partial block.

Not only is this brilliant new product designed to be long lasting and durable, it is Australian made, using high quality aluminium and stainless steel components and minimal plastic. The simple design keeps the screens discreet and you’ll find they are all but unnoticeable when retracted. Blinds can be fitted directly on awnings and can even be fitted with two blinds in one head box.

The ShadeNext Window Screens is an ideal way to protect your house and belongings from UV damage while keeping glass, and therefore your house, cooler.


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