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Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

Defeat the difficulty of operating cumbersome blinds with Ziptrak guided blinds. Enjoy perfect sun, wind and UV protection without all the hard work. Ziptrak guided blinds are stylish, sleek and enhance the look of any building or structure they become a part of.

With their specially designed slotted tracks, Ziptrak blinds are smooth and easy to operate. They allow you to stop at any position and lock at the down position. You don’t need to deal with zippers or buckles to get the UV and wind protection you need.

Luxaflex carefully sources only the best quality components to manufacture each Ziptrak blind in-house. This ensures that the highest quality product is available to all our customers, residential, retail or commercial.

Designed to work with your existing structure, Ziptrak blinds maintain your original home or business while adding the protection you need. You don’t need to struggle with putting away cumbersome outdoor blinds.

Ziptrak is convenient and completely trouble free. Simple, quick and easy there is no better outdoor sun protection.

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