We have a selection of blinds for both inside and out that will help to control light, reduce energy bills and provide protection from the harsh Australian sun.

Timber Venetians Blinds by Luxaflex

For a more traditional, old-world look, LUXAFLEX® COUNTRY WOODS® Venetian blinds are an ideal choice. Available in whichever colour and lacquered finish suits you best,

Panel Glide Blinds by Luxaflex

Minimalistic and versatile, the Panel Glide is perfect for large windows or as a room divider. With a large range of fabric styles and colours,

Roller Blinds by Luxaflex

Roller Blinds, also known as Holland Blinds, are one of the most flexible options for window dressings. They are exceptionally simple to use and disappear

Vertical Blinds by Luxaflex

Classic LUXAFLEX® vertical blinds are an essential for controlling light and heat in your home. Incorporating the Ultimate Track system, they are light, sleek and