What To Consider When Choosing Blinds for Your Child’s Nursery or Bedroom

Kids are curious, adventurous and have a particular knack for getting themselves in precarious positions. Leave them alone for a minute, and who knows what household item will become a toy in their creative minds! While often hilarious, the unknown can present a more sinister threat when considering window coverings. Blind and curtain cords can be a strangulation hazard, as children become tangled when sleeping, playing or climbing. Here are some ways to eliminate some of the dangers in a child’s nursery or bedroom, as well as creating a comfortable place for sleep and relaxation.

Keep It Cordless

For the ultimate peace of mind, go cordless! Along with privacy, style and comfort, child safety is the utmost priority when it comes to choosing window coverings. By going cordless, the ultimate hazard is eliminated while still allowing function, style and comfort. Our wide variety of soft shade options including Luxaflex Duette, Silhouette and Pirouette styles, are also tailored with durable and easy to clean fabrics, making it perfect for little hands.

Tailor Your Environment

Having trouble getting your bub to sleep? A light blocking solution could make all the difference. When a room is filled with even the smallest amount of daylight, napping can quickly become a time for discovering all the new things to look at around the room, rather than dozing off. Depending on your child’s sensitivities, having total block out options such as Duette Shades and Custom Curtains can be a nap time game changer. Noise and temperature can also play a role in your child’s sleep health, in which case a Roller Shutter or Duette Shade can both naturally insulate a room while providing handy noise reduction for total peace and quiet.

Automate It

Motorisation is another fantastic way to implement child safety in your home. Everything from roller blinds to curtains can be motorised in today’s landscape, which will leave you with both a high level of risk minimisation and more time on your hands for the busy job of parenting. You can even pre-schedule blinds to be positioned in alignment with light level, temperature, or when you leave the house. Automation and motorisation are tools that can be integrated to your smart phone, home devices and more – so why not take advantage of the technology and free up some time for what really matters!

Creating the ideal nursery or bedroom space for your child can be a tightrope balancing act, but window coverings are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to ensure that whether it’s play time or nap time, you have total comfort and safety.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our range of child-friendly nursery and bedroom options.


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